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Tintinnabulation: Let Freedom Ring & Great Leaders Arise!

What in the world is tintinnabulation? Pronounced \tin-tuh-nab-yuh-LAY-shun|

Tintinnabulation is an obscure word that means the ringing / sounding of bells.

Tintinnabulation is heard in the “I Have A Dream” speech:

On January 19, 2015, America commemorates a great leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Jan. 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) and I hear the tintinnabulation of “Let Freedom Ring,” and I remember and appreciate a great leader whose words released the holy fire of God for liberty and justice for all.

As I reflect upon the leadership of Martin Luther King, I appreciate his lion’s heart of courage to proclaim boldly the egregious injustices of his time through demonstrations of nonviolence and peaceful protesting.

His inspirational vision for a better America, “I Have A Dream” speech stirs my soul every time I listen to it, because the bells of Freedom are still ringing for a better America……where leadership integrity rules in every profession within American society and in our public service…..where leaders serve the people and inspire hope with vision for a better tomorrow…..where leaders demonstrate competence to work with others and together, turn vision into reality.

Let Freedom Ring!

For such a time as this, “tintinnabulation” summons the call of leadership excellence in America:

  • Leaders who are willing to be courageous and not accept the status quo

  • Leaders who inspire excellence and encourage people to be true to their highest values

  • Leaders who engage the hearts and minds of the people with vision for a better tomorrow

  • Leaders of humility and professional will to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifice of their followers

  • Leaders who are trustworthy: Competent, reliable, and have motives of integrity

Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King for being a leader of excellence, who continues to inspire the virtues of the American Constitution.

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© 2015 Copyright Dr. LauraAnn Migliore

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