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Dr. LauraAnn Migliore's research interests are in the social sciences with focus on the inter-relational aspects of personality and culture, and its influence on leadership, organizational behavior, and change management implications associated with the mobile workforce. Dr. LauraAnn's research has been presented at academic conferences and published in academic journals.


The diversity of individual perceptions inspires Dr. LauraAnn's research in the cognitive and affective domains of personality and the influence of culture as it pertains to the process of building trust for effective interpersonal relationships. She sees opportunity to add new knowledge to existing literature in the domains of trust and corporate governance.  Her vision for future research includes the development of a leadership survey instrument relevant and applicable across cultures that measure perceptions of trust towards self and others for purposes of improving interpersonal relationships. The principle scientific questions that drive her research include:


  • To what extent do certain personality traits, cultural attributes, and/or combinations of both, influence the positive and/or  negative perceptions of trust towards another’s motives, behaviors, and competence levels?

  • What role do values play in affective-based trust processing?  



Dr. LauraAnn's current research project is "Mobile Technology and the Employee Customer Profit (ECP) Chain"




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